Friday, January 16, 2009

Jan 2009 - A Great Trip Home!

Well, the holidays are over and we'll be heading back to Panama in a couple of days. It has been great seeing our kids and all of Lisa's family and so many good friends from our home in Central Florida! Thanks so much to all who fed, housed, loaned cars, made introductions, threw parties, encouraged, contributed, and made plans to come down and visit the work first-hand!

During our first week back...
..David goes to the Darien to help build a clinic,
...Lisa goes back to volunteering at the local Christian school,
....We start gearing up for the new semester of LST work at the university, &
.....Mark & Miriam Upton arrive from Texas to become full-time partners with us!

See our latest newsletter, at right, in MSWord or Acrobat format.

Cheers to All!