Monday, November 30, 2009

We love having Visitors!!

Read all about the cool stuff we did when my baby sister, her hubby, our first elder, and Mrs. Elder came to see us!

And don't forget! We still have hand-made, recycled paper for sale for all you "make your own" Christmas Card buffs out there! Send Seasons Greetings, Save the Planet, and help the poor in Panama all at the same time.

Email me!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Paper and "Nana" Time

Greetings All,

Lisa enjoyed a much-needed visit to our son, Matthew, this month, which provided her first real opportunity to spend some quality time with our Grand-daughter, Gaby. She also had several good meetings with several of our supporters.

David is developing a process for making new paper from office rubbish, which he hopes to teach to some very low-income Christian friends, as a way to supplement their income. You can help with this project by making your CHRISTMAS CARDS FROM THESE HAND-MADE PAPERS! See the photos. There are currently only about 150 sheets available, in a variety of colors, at $1 each (8" x 8"). Email David to arrange a purchase. All proceeds go toward the development of this project.